Got questions? Here’s some answers…

How does it work?

The Well Balanced Woman program is a personalised 12 week program where we work closely together to reset your metabolism and balance your hormones. We educate and inspire you to make changes for your health and your mindset, so you can transform at your own pace. 

Everything you need is bundled up and included so there are no hidden surprises (that includes appointments, food sensitivity testing, initial supplements and all the lessons, coaching and support!) So that’s everything to give you every chance to achieve the best results.

We break the program down into bite size chunks that are realistic and will fit into your lifestyle.

Our four phase protocol balances out your blood sugar, so you feel more energised and overcome your cravings, we optimise your digestion and address any underlying bloating, constipation, diarrhoea etc before we do a gentle liver cleanse, specifically created for women in peri/menopause to balance your hormones and support your metabolism. 

Across the program we work on the mindset and lifestyle pieces you need to change the way your body responds to stress AND move you out of that all or nothing diet mentality.

How much time is involved?

GREAT question! The feedback I’ve received from the women in the program is they want small bite size chunks of info that can easily be implemented into daily life. Small changes, done consistently over time add up to pretty big results!

Here’s the thing…personally I have 3 very active kids and run a full time (some days a double time) business, so I 100% get that none of us have a load of free time. 

One of our ladies is a single Mum of 4, works full time AND is doing her Masters degree. And killing it just by making small changes at a time.

How soon will I get my energy back?

This can happen pretty fast! By making sure you are eating the right balance of food and taking supplements if you need to, you’ll lose that afternoon slump, your mood will calm and you’ll sleep more soundly to wake up refreshed. We are all very individual, so some notice this instantly and for others it takes a few weeks, but I guarantee it will happen!

Do I have to exercise?

Yes, you do. While I won’t be telling you how many burpees you need to do, it’s important for your overall physical and mental health to find some form of movement that works for you. This could be Cross Fit, Yoga, a walk with the dog or anything in between.
That being said, if you are feeling exhausted and depleted afterwards, then maybe that isn’t the right exercise for you right now.

What are the supplements involved?

Supplements may be prescribed to you following your initial appointment and a review of your blood tests. All recommended supplements are practitioner only products, and usually a therapeutic dose is recommended to give you the best results. Supplements are entirely optional.

Do I have to give up my social life?

Never! Life is too short to be on a diet. Food is an important part of connecting us with people.  Whenever we get together with friends and family, food is an integral part of this.

Enjoy the occasion. One meal is not going to “ruin” anything. One holiday is not “bad”. Relax, enjoy the occasion for what it is and Let It Go!

What sort of results will I see?

This is definitely not a diet or a quick fix. We’re creating a healthy body that functions the way it should do – and a healthier body naturally becomes a healthier weight! 

We measure the improvements in your energy, motivation, sleep, moods, digestion, confidence and yes, definitely in your clothes!

Will my groceries be more expensive?

You will be buying more fresh, whole foods and less packaged food which may seem expensive at first. If you think about the long term cost of trips to the doctor, medications, dentist visits and so on, think of filling your trolley full of nutritious whole foods as an insurance policy for your future health.

Can I still drink coffee?

Yes, you can. I love my coffee too, so I’m not going to make you give it up. Coffee has been shown to have many health benefits, but we’ll look at whether that “pick up” is doing you any favours or playing havoc on your nervous system.

Are there special foods we have to eat?

Heads up – there is no magic food or pill that you can take. 

We are really focusing on getting you out of the dieting mentality and enjoying food that makes you feel good about yourself. Not foods that leave you feeling hungry, bloated and sluggish.

Do I have to give up wine?

I should put this at the top as it’s the most FAQ!

No, I won’t make you stop drinking entirely, (maybe for a week or two) but we are going to check in with your drinking habits. Are you drinking every day? Are you drinking for stress relief? Or to block out work/life/home? Can you go a few days without a drink? We’ll take a dive into your drinking habits and how alcohol can become problematic for your health.

How am I supported through the program?

It’s an intimate program where we work closely with you across the 12 weeks. We are there every step of the way to inspire and motivate you, hold your hand, check in and hold you accountable and yes – we will give you a loving kick up the bum if we think you need it!

We have 3 1:1 appointments together to address your specific challenges, you have ongoing access to our Success Coach via FB Messenger or email and a VIP FB support group just for ladies going through the program.

There are live weekly clinic sessions where no subject goes untouched and no question is ever too silly

We believe that the personal support and accountability is what makes the difference with our outstanding track record and client results.

Can I get advice about my own health?

Yes! The program is personalised for you with monthly 1:1 appointments. We go through your current health challenges, relevant health history, your goals and what you’d like to get out of the program. 

From here we put a plan together and prescribe therapeutic dose supplements (practitioner only brand) designed to help support your body and get your results faster.

We personally review or recommend recent blood and other test results. Check ins and access to my team and I is ongoing throughout the program so you have the support and accountability the whole way through.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes there are payment plan options!
There is also a saving option if you’d like to pay upfront.

I’d like to…but it’s a lot of money to spend on myself.

There are a million ways I could answer this, but yes – it is an investment. Consider it as an investment in YOU and your future well being. You could google and get tonnes of free info but really, is that going to be enough to make the transformation you really want? Think about how you want to feel in 3 months time. Do you really want to be feeling just as frustrated a year from now? The choice is yours and to make it easier, I have set up two options for you – pay upfront and save OR there is a monthly payment plan.

I have a family, will I be eating differently to them?

Not on my watch!!
I don’t use meal plans for a few very good reasons. Everyone has different food preferences, family circumstances, access to foods and lifestyles. AND I want to get you out of that prescriptive diet mentality.

I understand that you want some structure though, so I give you a plate planner to make sure we are getting the right balance of nutrients and plenty of meal ideas and family-friendly recipes to get you started.

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