Guide to Perimenopause and Menopause Signs and Symptoms

The usual…and not-so-usual! 

When we’re going through perimenopause and menopause, it can feel like we’re dating the 7 Dwarfs all at once! 

Sweaty, Grumpy, Chunky, Tired, Itchy, Hot and Cranky! 

But what about the other weird stuff that’s going on… 

Take a breath, you aren’t going crazy.

Our Signs and Symptoms Guide will walk you through the usual, and more unusual side effects of this hormonal rollercoaster! 

BONUS  – Symptom Tracker to keep a handy record of “all” the things, for that moment Forgetful comes with you to the Doctor! 

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Kylie Pinwill Well Balanced Woman Founder​
Hi there!

I'm Kylie Pinwill

I remember how frustrating it was when I hit my mid 40’s and despite my best efforts, the weight started piling on.

Even as a nutritionist, all my usual tricks weren’t working.

I was constantly exhausted and cranky, sleep was out the window and anxiety was tapping on my shoulder… this wasn’t me! 

My bloods were “normal” but WHOA…things were far from normal! 

Through The Hormone Hub podcast and my Well Balanced Woman program, I’ve since worked with hundreds of women and one thing I know for sure is that when we hit our 40s and 50’s there is a new “normal”.

They just forgot to tell us! 

I cannot wait to share some of the usual and also not-so-usual signs and symptoms that can be linked back to our crazy and fluctuating hormones!

And for the record… we do NOT have to suffer through this stage of life. 

At least not on my watch… !

Kylie x
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